When Should My Child Start Myopia Management?

When Should My Child Start Myopia Management?

When Should My Child Start Myopia Management?

When Should My Child Start Myopia Management?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a prevalent eye condition that often starts in childhood. It can cause distant objects to appear blurry while those nearby appear clear. This refractive error is now more common in kids than ever before. 


Genetics can play a significant role in myopia development. Kids with one or both parents with nearsightedness are more likely to develop the condition. Spending more time indoors using the computer or reading can also contribute to its development. It can also stem from imbalances or weakness in the eye muscles.

Myopia in Young Children


In most cases, kids' vision tends to deteriorate more quickly the younger they become myopic. This can lead to more severe nearsightedness in adulthood. The condition can make it difficult for kids to participate in class and extracurricular activities. This is because it makes it hard for them to see the board or keep up with their peers.

Myopia Management


Myopia management is essential for slowing down the worsening or progression of myopia. Early myopia development in children, significantly before age 10, increases the risk of high myopia. Management involves different techniques, such as special contact lenses or atropine eye drops, to slow the condition's progression.

When to Start and Stop Myopia Management


The best time to start management is as soon as possible. Evidence suggests that the earlier kids develop myopia, the faster their vision will deteriorate. It is crucial to begin management when an eye doctor diagnoses myopia. Waiting can lead to a need for a stronger prescription. 

The ideal time to stop myopia management is when the child reaches adulthood. Research suggests the condition stops worsening at around 16 for about 50% of children. By the age of 21, about 90% of individuals will experience stabilization of their vision. An eye doctor can determine the best myopia management strategy for each child based on his/her age and other factors.

Determining the Best Treatment for Your Child


The most appropriate treatment for myopia in your little one depends on several factors. These include his/her eye health, vision, and capabilities. Your preferences as a family also play a significant role in selecting the ideal treatment option.

Age-based Treatment Options

Studies suggest that a child's age affects the effectiveness of myopia control treatments. For instance, atropine eye drops are suitable for children as young as four. Ortho-k contact lenses are ideal for those aged six and above. Soft contact lenses are appropriate for children aged seven to eight years old. Myopia control spectacle lenses are suitable for eight-year-olds and above.

Do Not Let Age Be the Deciding Factor


Age is a consideration when choosing the best course of treatment, but it should not be the only one. For instance, some parents might think that their children should not wear contact lenses. 

Yet, children between the ages of eight and 12 are safer candidates for soft contact lens wear than teenagers and adults. Thus, it is best to consider all factors when deciding on the most appropriate treatment for your child.

Myopia management is crucial and can involve special contact lenses or atropine eye drops. No matter your child's age, getting treatment as soon as possible is best. Work with your pediatric eye doctor to determine the best strategy for your child.

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