Optometry Services at Perfect Vision Eyecare and Eyewear

We are committed to providing quality eye care to you and your family.

Our Services

At Perfect Vision Eyecare & Eyewear, we are pleased to offer a wide range of optometry services for our community!

Our experienced optometrists can provide you with thorough eye evaluations, determine if you need corrective lenses and your exact prescription strength, fit you with the appropriate specialty eyewear, and help you pick out the most flattering pair of glasses for your face shape and skin tone.

Our new patient appointments always begin with a comprehensive eye exam. If you are unsure of your family’s eye health history, it’s helpful to research beforehand, so we can better evaluate your own eye health. If you have never had a comprehensive exam, don’t worry! All the tests and exercises are simple and painless.

Our doctors can diagnose and treat eye diseases and identify general eye health problems including diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, and others. We can also test for and fit specialty eyewear for sports, occupations, other activities and hobbies, and safety glasses.

We can answer your questions about optometry services, our eye care practice, eye health products, and more.

Comprehensive Eye Exams may include:

  • Testing visual acuity or refractive error

  • Pupil evaluation with or without dilation

  • Examination of the peripheral visual field

  • Color vision testing

  • Analysis of the visual systems

  • Examination of the external parts of the eye

  • Intraocular pressure measurement

  • Examination of the health of the entire eye

  • Optomap retinal exam

Our Optometric Services:

  • Comprehensive eye exams

  • Contact lens fittings

  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye disease

  • Specialized testing and care for cataracts, glaucoma, and others

  • Pre-and post-operative care for eye disease

  • Eye emergencies

  • Foreign object removal

  • LASIK consultation

We specialize in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT):

In our continued efforts to bring the most advanced technology available to our patients, our doctors are proud to announce the addition of Optical Coherence Tomography to our battery of disease detection instruments.

Optical Coherence Tomography has emerged from a new imaging modality to a standard ocular diseases diagnostic tool. The OCT technology and clinical evolution will prevail in ophthalmic imaging like MRI in brain imaging and CT in heart imaging.

Zeiss Cirrus OCT is an ultra-high-speed, high-resolution OCT retina scanner used for retina imaging and analysis. It is based on the next-generation Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence technology that just emerged from clinical research in the last two years. The ultra-high speed and high-resolution features enable the FD-OCT to visualize the retinal tissue with ultra-high clarity in a fraction of a second.

This new technology allows doctors to view the optic nerve and retina in a three-dimensional image. The image can be rotated and viewed from every angle and side. The depth and size of the optic nerve can accurately be measured for the detection of glaucoma and optic disc edema. Early detection of glaucomatous changes resulting in nerve fiber layer loss is a critical advantage of OCT. The thickness of the macula and surrounding retina can be measured to detect macular degeneration, both wet and dry, cystoid macular edema, and diabetic retinopathy. It can detect drusen, hard and soft exudates, tumors, and blood leakage below the retina. The OCT can even detect floats along with vitreous and retinal detachments.

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